Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dorchester, MA 021711 A red tail hawk enjoys the fruits of a successful hunt, a pigeon at a nearby perch in Dorchester. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ MET BEHIND THE SCENES: Today while at the Boston Globe's office I was walking by a window and I was caught by surprise when I thought at first I was looking at huge snowflakes falling. I did a double, and after closer inspection I realized I was looking at feathers flying as a hawk tore into a pigeon it had just caught. I ran back to our pool-lens cabinet and got a massive telephoto lens. I watched this amazing spectacle for about 20 minutes as it ate everything, including legs, heart and innards. While looking through my viewfinder I couldn't help but to be amazed at the raw power of nature. It was a humbling experience to witness this through the intimacy of my viewfinder. TECH STUFF: DSLR with a 600mm 4.0 lens, ISO 500, speed 1/4000th- 1/5,000th of a second, aperutre 4.0-5.0, WB cloudy.


Mac said...


The juxtaposition between the hawk and "food and three flashes" is making me hiccup.


Matthew Bennett said...

Hi Essdras, glad you got to put these shots to use! I met you the day you took these, and feel that I learned a lot from you in the short period of time that we spoke. I hope to run into you again soon.