Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boston Ballet's Rehearsal: Coppelia

Boston, MA 033010 Boston Balltet's Nelson Madrigal (Cq), performing a grand jete, Misa Kuranaga, and Doyko Dossev rehearse for the upcoming Coppelia production of the Boston Ballet at the ballet's headquarters in the South End on March 30, 2010. This production is filled with whimsical choreography, demanding characterizations, and comedic elements. Including the use of life-like body-part casts like this one of a ballerina's foot. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff) BEHIND THE SCENES: I love photographing ballet dancers because they have the capability of looking like a cat ready to leap even when stationary. So when they start moving it is just an amazing spectacle to watch. TECHNICAL STUFF: When photographing dancers you have to make a decision of choosing high speed shutter to freeze the movements or to drag the shutter, elongate your exposures, in order to suggest motion. In this case I needed to capture faces and the nuances of the histrionic performance; thus, I chose a high-speed shutter.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Self Portrait

Torrey Pines, CA 032010 During a Mentor Series in CA. This is one of the few photos I got to shoot while out there. I had no idea a Mentor's Trek would be so much work. The area was so beautiful that if I'd gone there on assignment for those three days I'd shot at least 3,000 images but as it turns out I only shot about 200. And a lot of these were mostly to explain how to take a proper exposure reading. But it was a lot of fun and I'd love to do it again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haitian Children

Boston, MA 012210 The Layton family, Teresa (Cq) and Jared (cq) Layton (cq) of Swampscott ,MA arrived at Logan International Airport on January 22, 2010 with their adopted Haitian daughter Valencia (Cq). (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ MET

North Andover, MA 021810 Eight- year old Wislandie Aurelien, who is originally from Haiti, was adopted recently by Andy (shown in photo) and Beth Wescott (cq) of North Andover. They were photographed at their home on February 18, 2010 (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ G
Mattapan, MA 030310 Rebecca Michel Francois (cq), 9. She and other Haitian children recently arrived in the Boston Metro area. At her new school, teh Charles Taylor Elementary in mattapan, she can be found behaving like another kid as she plays jump rope with classmates on March 3, 2010. BEHIND THE SCENES: Due to recent earthquake in Haiti there has been an influx of Haitian children ending up in the metro area and the Boston Globe has been diligently covering these latest arrivals to Boston. TECHNICAL STUFF: The photo of the girl jumping rope was shot at iso 400, in cloudy setting, with a 24-70mm lens. The other two were probably photographed with the same lens since this is one of two of my main lenses. The airport scene was also photographed with my zoom lens. Please notice the layering in the photo which leads you into the subject but keeps also your attention roaming through the frame.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

La Jolla, CA Mentor Series

San Diego, CA 031810 During the Mentor Series the participants and their mentors, yours truly, got to hang out in beautiful San Diego, CA and its surrounding. We caught a glimpse of an "au natural" beach goer at the Flat Rock, Razor Point area of La Jolla; we visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and even got to hang out with local surfers. The outdoor part of the second day ended at Point Loma Lighthouse.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Mass at Cathedral of Holy Cross, Boston

Boston, MA 031710 After siblings Brendan (cq) ,20 month-old, and Nora (cq), 4, Dowling of West Roxbury attended the St Patrick's Day mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on March 17, 2010 they examine the shamrock plants their parents picked up for them at the service. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff) BEHIND THE SCENES Despite having been in Boston for over eight years now, this is one event I had never covered so I didn't really know what to expect. At the end of the homily I recalled being somewhat concerned since I didn't have any good pictures yet. I usually stick to the rule of not photographing children unless they are doing something extraordinary (they are just too easy and a lot of photographers take the easy way out during an assigment by focusing on children. But once I saw the Dowling siblings decked out in their Irish garb, I knew this was a rule breaker of a situation. The boy and girl examining their shamrocks happened after their parents had sat them down for a photo. The little boy offering his shamrock to archbishop Sean O'Malley happened luckily while I was on my knees getting ready to photograph the clergy man. This one was preparation, anticipation and a huge dose of serendipity all wrapped up in one.

Monday, March 15, 2010

WWII Vets Heading to Washington

Boston, MA 031010 MA state troopers escort 35 New England WWII veterans who took part in a send-off ceremony at the AA terminal at Logan International Airport on March 9, 2010. The group was heading to Washington, DC to visit the WWII War Memorial as part of a national initiative to honor members of the military. The event was timed to match the premier of the new HBO/ Tom Hanks miniseries"The Pacific." (Essdras M Suarez) WHAT I WAS THINKING: I approached this assignment with the idea in mind of a multiple- photo essay. Thus, the use of wide and telephoto lenses. A great photo editor of mine, Janet Reeves of the now defunct Rocky Mountain News, would always tell me: "think wide, medium and tight shots." Notice the low angle from which I shot the vets walking toward me. Also the layering in the photo with the detail on the T-shirt on the foreground where your eye keeps noticing new information within the frame. The photo of the young navy man and the Pearl Harbor survivor exemplified generational history. The detail of the b&w image surrounded by American flags is what I would consider an iconic detail. The vets flanked by American flags is an impactful image because of the low angle which exploits symmetry,infinity perspective and layering.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

On being prepared and paying attention

Boston, MA 031010 A T-rider wearing a red coat seems to balance out the scene with a red light as she walks up a flight of stairs located diagonally across from Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary on March 10, 2010. The other two images are from Logan Airport outside of terminal B. (Essdras M Suarez/ Boston Globe)/ BEHIND THE SCENE AND TECHNICAL INFO: Every once in a while our photo editors send us a message saying they need a feature photo to fill a space in the paper and to keep our eyes open. While driving to the airport I noticed this woman wearing a red coat going up the stairs. The light changed to red and I immediately realized that if I caught the scene at a certain point the red on her coat would balance with the image with the red on the light. I shot through my windshield with a camera with a telephoto. I always carry this camera ready to go within arm's reach on the floor of the passenger side in the front of my car. I usually have the camera set up on aperture priority so I had an idea the right exposure would be ready at the press of a button. The other two images are from the setting sun casting long shadows against a gridded wall. It was only a matter of composing my horizon, waiting for the right subjects and the decisive moments to occur... by the way I chose not to show faces that way I didn't have to get names.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

From the Archives: Brides and Bocce

Denver, CO These two images are among my favorites. The B & W photo is a group of Orthodox Jewish brides waiting at a hotel lobby for a multiple wedding. The photo was chosen for a postcard to promote the World Press Photo contest that year. The bocce photo I've always loved because of the body language of the gentleman on the right. It's a great feeling whenever you can capture such subtleties in an image. TECH INFO: The B & W photo was shot on 800 ASA Fuji film, the photojournalist's work horse back in the day. The bocce photo was probably shot with 200 ASA Fuji film. Both images were later digitally scanned. Hope you like these.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Passing of a Friend 03/02/10

Watertown, MA 030210 After 15 years of a spoiled, pampered and very happy life, Duncan the Cat passed away last night. Duncan, Nono, Dodido, Bebe, Marramiau, Gato Cabron, Bebo, Hijo Mio, Bello-Bello, Lolin, was a rescue pet. I got him in Denver back in 1995 so Sara my wife would have a companion whenever I left town on assignment. She had never been much of a pet person until she met our charming, opinionated, moody, beast. After a couple cute looks and side rolls from Duncan, she was hooked. He flew with me in the cabin- of course he was heavily sedated- from Denver to Boston when we moved here in 2002. He made the move with us from home to home about five times. Every single time all he seemed to want to know was where's my litter box and food and I'm Ok with this. Many a nights he kept Sara company when I was in harm’s way in far away lands. Yet Sara always referred to him as "your cat." Despite general belief all cats are not aloof. The Duncan would follow me around like a dog and would even bring me toys so I could play with him. We were still playing around just last night. And just like he always did he climbed in bed and demanded I'd let him borrow my arm so he could cuddle against it. He passed away in the middle night without too much fuss. That is how I'd like to go. However finite death might be I still find myself hoping to find Duncan waiting for me atop the stairs like he always did when I came home from work.Or perhaps that he might be waiting for me when I get out of the shower just outside the curtains waiting for his play pal to get out of that infernal water contraption...I'm gonna miss that pain-in the butt cat of mine. Good Bye Dodo from your mom and dad.