Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Passing of a Friend 03/02/10

Watertown, MA 030210 After 15 years of a spoiled, pampered and very happy life, Duncan the Cat passed away last night. Duncan, Nono, Dodido, Bebe, Marramiau, Gato Cabron, Bebo, Hijo Mio, Bello-Bello, Lolin, was a rescue pet. I got him in Denver back in 1995 so Sara my wife would have a companion whenever I left town on assignment. She had never been much of a pet person until she met our charming, opinionated, moody, beast. After a couple cute looks and side rolls from Duncan, she was hooked. He flew with me in the cabin- of course he was heavily sedated- from Denver to Boston when we moved here in 2002. He made the move with us from home to home about five times. Every single time all he seemed to want to know was where's my litter box and food and I'm Ok with this. Many a nights he kept Sara company when I was in harm’s way in far away lands. Yet Sara always referred to him as "your cat." Despite general belief all cats are not aloof. The Duncan would follow me around like a dog and would even bring me toys so I could play with him. We were still playing around just last night. And just like he always did he climbed in bed and demanded I'd let him borrow my arm so he could cuddle against it. He passed away in the middle night without too much fuss. That is how I'd like to go. However finite death might be I still find myself hoping to find Duncan waiting for me atop the stairs like he always did when I came home from work.Or perhaps that he might be waiting for me when I get out of the shower just outside the curtains waiting for his play pal to get out of that infernal water contraption...I'm gonna miss that pain-in the butt cat of mine. Good Bye Dodo from your mom and dad.


BeastGP said...

We're so sorry for your loss and definitely understand. Duncan was a lovely companion for you and a very handsome cat to boot. He'll be missed by all who loved him Here's to rainbow bridge.


Love, neighbours.

Aaron Kagan said...

Sounds like you gave each other a better life.

Aaron K.

pamelabias said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sara has told great stories about Duncan. He was truly a great companion to her. I hope that you both can find comfort in your many special memories and in the thought of the happy years that were shared with him.

Pam B.

Anonymous said...

My condolences for your loss. I hope that the memories throughout your journey together, "lo bueno y lo malo" serve to continue to bring a smile to both you and Sara. It certainly sounds like you enriched each others' lives!