Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boys Wrestling Semifinals Salem High School

Salem, MA 022710 During the Massachussets Interscholatic Athletic Association boys wrestling semi-finals at Salem High School on February 27, 2010 there was the impetus and hubris of the victors, the agony of defeat and everything else you can think of finding in a wrestling tourney. The kid holding his shoulder in pain was Manny Ocasio of Springfield High who lost his match. The tattoed kid with his face against the chest of his opponent is Jesse Kumer of North Atleboro and he lost this match to Derek Golner of Tyngsboro who went on to the finals to win a state title. That is coach Mark Healy of Franklin High watching one of his wrestlers compete. Brendan Battle of Nauset High picks up in the air James Collins of Reading during the 215-lbs match but Collins won the match. Longmeadow High's matt Shapiro flips Quincy High's Josh Gerry during their match. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/SPT BEHIND THE SCENES INFO: I've never counted myself as a great sports shooter. I know I can manage but that's about it. I don't ever recall ever spending so much time shooting wrestling as on this date- it was only a couple of hours- but I have to admit. It was very exciting to shoot. It's like I've always said: I rather photograph the unbridled passion and commitment of high school athletes than professional athletes. These kids were all heart. TECH INFO: I shot most of these images with my 80-200 2.8 lens in apperture priority, or on manual at 400th of a second at 3.5 at 4,000 ISO.

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