Monday, February 15, 2010

Boston Mystery Writers

Boston, MA 021310 Mystery writers: (l to r) Raffi Yessayan (Cq), Paul Tremblay (Cq), Dave Zeltserman (Cq), and Margaret McLean (cq) photographed at the Boston Globe studio on February 13, 2010 for a G cover. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff) This was a fun photo shoot because I got to play with tons of lights in the studio. At one point I had 10 lights going and then I decided to start taking some away to create more dramatic lighting. First I used a base line light: a 4' x 6' soft box pointed from above toward the subjects and at about 7' off the ground. This base light was about two stops below my individual spot lights. This would ensure that every person had enough detail in the metadata. Each one of the subjects got their own grid light from the side and then there were two more lights with grids coming from behind and from below toward their backs. Total amount of lights used: 7. The resulting image has individualized textured highlights and defined outline while still allowing the somber/ mysterious mood to prevail over the whole image. This set up of the lights took about one hour and a half including testing. At the end I was pretty happy with the end result. I hope these tips help you.

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