Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Serendipity in the Snow

BEHIND THE SHOT EXPLANATION: I was sent out to get "whimsical" snow weather since we knew there was a snow- storm coming to Boston. Since I have been hearing requests like this one from photo editors for about 15 years. I kinda had an idea what they wanted. This basically means to look for something beyond the ordinary. In this case that also meant to not shoot simply pretty-snow photos. I staked out this intersection for about one hour and a half because of the foot traffic in the area. I was putting my cameras away when I heard this ruckus to my left so I looked up and here are these two guys running my way and I noticed the guy furthest away from me was wearing flip flops and shorts. So I picked my camera with the telephoto on it and I had barely enough time to bring it to my eye, frame the shot and to start shooting. I got about five frames that were good and I really didn't know I'd gotten it until I saw it in my computer screen. FINAL NOTE: I TEND TO KEEP MY TELEPHOTO CAMERA ON APPERTURE PRIORITY SINCE IM USUALLY PRETTY SURE ILL BE LOOKING TO CREATE SEPARATION BETWEEN MY SUBJECT AND THE BACKGROUND

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