Monday, October 8, 2012

Having a 300mm with you

Boston, MA 100812 A plane on course to land at Logan International Airport and the Carnival Glory cruise liner seem to share air space as seen on October 8, 2012 from Black Falcon Pier. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff BEHIND THE SCENES: On the previous night I was told I'd be covering a 10k race and that I'd be on the media truck. This required me to go to the office and pick up a 300mm 2.8 or a longer lens since these type of lenses preferred for covering a sports event. However the advantage of having that lens with you is that if you know how the optics of the lens work you can use that as yet another tool while making images. If you know this, you can make something completely mundane a lot more interesting than what the human eye perceives. The elements inside a telephoto cause a pancake effect by stacking up the planes within the frame. I was driving around looking for a feature photo and I noticed the big cruise liner docked at one of the piers. It was only a matter of driving around a little before I noticed that at certain angle planes in route to land at nearby Logan International airport seemed to share the same air space when seen through this lens. TECH STUFF Mark IV with 1 300mm 2.8AF, speed 1/8oooth of a second. ISO 200, WB Sunny.

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