Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Vigil 04/16/13

Boston, MA 041613 Vigil at Boston Common in honor of those who perished during the Boston Marathon bombing one day prior. (Essdras M Suarez/ Boston Globe©) BEHIND THE SCENES: I have covered so many events like this one in my two decades as a photojournalist, you would think I no longer become affected by what I photograph. Instead I find myself in a mad frenzy to keep shooting, to keep focusing on composing and finding moments just so I won't time to process the magnitude of the events I've witnessed and photographed. Echoes of Columbine, Newtown, Iraq, Indonesia and so many more are nowadays always present in my mind when I'm confronted with documenting grief. Perhaps that is why I cling so tightly to my mantra of "Keep shooting, keep moving, keep adjusting..." just so I don't have time to think on what's in front of me. TECH STUFF: Cameras D-4, D3s; lenses: 24- 70mm 2.8, 70- 200mm 2.8 with a 1.4 TC; ISO: 640- 4,000; WB: cloudy and AWB


Paul Keebler said...

Great philosophy, Essdras. I admire your work, and I know I could not do what you have had to do. But it is the resilience of people, and their willingness to help in crisis that makes this a great country, and you do a great service to document that.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..