Thursday, December 18, 2014

Road Scholar's Art Revolution and Photo workshop in Cuba Dec. 2014

These images are from my latest trip to Cuba a week or so ago. On this occasion, I was leading a group of photographers from the Plymouth Digital Camera Club and others on a Road Scholar Art's Revolution and photo workshop trip. This was my seventh visit to the island. The first time I visited it was in the middle of the "Special Period" in 1992. That time I had gone to Cuba with Pastors for Peace to document Rev. Lucius Walker's annual US government- embargo-defying trip to the island nation. Growing up in Panama, I was raised by my Cuban grandparents and uncles. I'd always heard the names of relatives in Cuba but I had never met them in person. So in 1992, I showed up un-announced at their doorstep and despite finding themselves in the middle of one of the toughest times for Cubans, they opened their doors and welcomed me with open arms. As they have continued to do so ever since. But even I'm pretty sure that even without having had family there, I'd have still fallen in love with this magical place. There's something spell bounding about Cuba and of its people. Any photographer who's visited the island would tell you that in Cuba the colors somehow seem more vivid, the textures more lively, and the people friendlier. So on this a historic day as today is when the US and Cuba have decided to re-establish diplomatic relations I would like to share some of what I see when I go there. TECH STUFF: My trusty Nikon camera gear: A Nikon D4 and a D810. Two lenses 17- 35mm 2.8 and 70- 200mm 2.8... and a ton of memory cards.

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