Saturday, April 16, 2011

James Franco at BC

Boston, MA 041511 Actor James Franco answer questions from Boston College students who attended the screening on April 15, 2011 of Franco's "The Broken Tower" a movie based on the life of poet Hart Crane who committed suicide at 32 by jumping off a boat while out at sea. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ MET BEHIND THE SCENES: I'm not a movie critic, but I walked out after a couple of minutes of b&w artsy sequences of the camera following Franco up-close and focusing on his pained expression... then the next time I walked into the theater Franco was in the middle of a heavy make out session with another guy. To each its own I say but if I'm not mistaken this is the third role for Franco where he plays a homosexual character. More power to Franco for exploring his sexuality like that. TECH STUFF: dark stage ISO: 2000, speed 1/225th of a second, aperture 4.0, WB: auto. It was a good thing Franco has a tendency to look up every time he would answer a question thus allowing the overhead spotlights to hit his eyes. Lucky for the photographer or Franco is just that good at playing to the audience and is always aware of how to looks his best.

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