Saturday, July 16, 2011

Charles River Kayaking

Cambridge MA 071411 For our Summer Series we visited the Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Kendall Square off Broad Canal on July 14, 2011. (Essdras M Suarez/ Boston Globe)/MET BEHIND THE SCENES: The Globe has been doing a water/ summer series on things to do in the city and this was one of the things a writer decided to investigate. No complaints, great weather, beautiful scenery and end-of-the-day light. It's amazing how you really don't know a place until you've walked through it. This is the case with the Kendall Square area in Cambridge which offers amenities like these that you normally wouldn't find out while driving. TECH STUFF: No brainer: two cameras, one w a wide angle and one with a 1.4TC on it. ISO 320-640, speeds... up there. Not much to add on this one other than I'm a sucker for patterns, triangular shapes and pretty light so this was a very easy and enjoyable assignment.

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