Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Romney Votes in MA during Rep. Primaries

Belmont, MA 030612 Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney voted alongside his wife Anne Romney at the Beech Street Center in Belmont, MA which Romney lists as his permanent address. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ MET BEHIND THE SCENES: Candidates like Romney move around with an entourage of media, public relations personnel and campaign staffers. A lot of times it is these staffers who make the calls as far as who do they let in to an event or not. Such was the case yesterday. The traveling media was allowed in before he arrived and I was told to wait outside until they made a "decision." Romney walked in and at the last minute I called out to the staffer and asked, "so you are just leaving the Boston Globe out?" He kind of looked at me sideways and said, "Follow me." By the time I got in all the front spots on the small stage where members of the media had been told to stand were already taken. I squeezed in a corner and hoped for the best. I managed to get the shots but the Globe decided to go with an AP photo instead. The photographer who made the photo is part of tight-pool traveling the campaign. Pretty much the same photo only his was taken from five feet to the left of my position... I don't make the calls, I just take them. TECH STUFF: 70-200mm 2.8 and 16-35mm 2.8, WB AWB and Cloudy, ISO 1250-640.

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phoenix house painter said...

He should be the next president. His plans are plain and straight to the point for the American people.