Friday, September 10, 2010

Ethiopian Food

Somerville, MA 090910 Baklava desser, Kitfo, Ethiopian coffee ye-minchet abish, from Fasika Restaurant in Somerville. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff) Food BEHIND THE SCENES: This was a quick one which took longer to set up than to actually shoot. The good part of the food itself was that not only did it have bright colors but it also had a very three-dimensional component to it. This lends itself for a lower angle to put the reader at eye level with the subject matter- the baklava in this case, and the dish itself was bright and created patterns which helped the composition. I kind of styled the coffee a little by being very selective on what to include in the background and what to leave out. The owner of the restaurant originally had brought four coffee cups and saucers accompanied by candle light. I kept removing objects until I was satisfied that the message of the image of coffee was an immediate sell. TECH STUFF: Shot with my same formula: Two flashes controlled by a remote at food level or slightly higher pointing down toward the dish. One flash from behind at 11 o'clock and another one at 5 o'clock in the front. ISO 100, WB Flash, Speed 25oth of a second, lens 100 2.8 macro.

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