Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yoga Masters

Newtonville, MA 091610 Five master yoga teachers opening a new studio in Newtonville called Down Under Yoga. (l - r) Justine Wilthshire Cohen (cq) dark hair, Natasha Rizopoulos (cq), Patricia Walden (cq), Barbara Benagh (cq) and Peentz Dubble (Cq) were photographed at the studio on September 16, 2010. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/G BEHIND THE SCENES: Because this a topic dear to my heart I made it a point to be the one to photograph this assignment which included coming in earlier than when my shift was supposed to start. But I really didn't mind doing it because photography has yet to feel like a burden to me. They ladies were amazing, I just wished I had more time to talk to them. It was awe inspiring to see what a well trained body can do. TECH STUFF: Shot with a 1200 Prophoto Pack and four heads. Decided to set the lights only coming from one side, the left, since it was a small room and I wanted to create drama in the photos. All the heads had different size grids on them based upon how close to the subjects the lights were positioned. The further away the bigger the grid size in order for more light to hit the subjects. Three of the four lights are on stands and the fourth is on a baby boom. The latter is positioned above and slightly from the left with a very wide grid to create a metadata baseline for all the subjects. The individual shots were mostly shot with one or two lights depending upon the pose and whether I ascertained if they needed a second light to create separation. ISO 100, lens 24-70mm 2.8, 80-200, Speed 1/60th sec, aperture 5.6 for the group shot 4.0 for individual shots. EXTRA NOTE: Remember I work for a newspaper so we are not allowed to retouch images beyond: sharpening, dodging and burning and cropping. Thus, the electrical outlet showing in the background will remain as such.

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