Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All in Day's Work 5/12/11

This is a sampler of a very interesting day. First assignment was to photograph the booming operations of a professional de-licer outfit. Just reading the assignment made my head itch but once I got there and listened to the knowledgeable nurse who started the biz I realized mine as well as most people's alleged knowledge on lice and nits was purely based on misconceptions. Adult lice can't walk, they are designed for clinging to hair. The next assignment was to photograph Boston Mayor Thomas Menino playing bocce in the North End. I as most pj's have shot many too many times Menino, so I tried to make interesting photos regardless of whether the politician-du-jour is in the photo or not. I particularly liked the pattern created by the bocce alls and the seniors shod feet. At the end of the day the sun finally made an appearance so I was asked to find a sunny-friendly feature. I stumbled upon a group of girls jumping through this fountain while the sun shone from behind. Voila! that was my day.

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