Monday, April 26, 2010

Boston Ballet Balanchines/ Robbins

Boston, MA 042310 Boston Ballet company rehearsing on April 23 for their upcoming production of Balanchine/Robbins. BEHIND THE SCENES: This was for a story on the ballet's next production. I spent about two hours just hanging out with them as they rehearsed. I know a lot of the dancers just because I've been shooting them on and off for almost 8 years now. Because of this I have the advantage of being familiar with their dance routines and kind of have an idea of what to expect so it was only a matter of waiting and being ready and then to simply let them do what they do best: being dancers. Easy pickings for photos. Like I've always said, dancers are like sports cars. They look sleek, fast and ready to go even at a stand still. TECHNICAL STUFF: Shot it with my staple lenses a wide angle zoom ( a 17- 35m 2.8) and a telephoto (80- 200 2.8) most exposures were somewhere between 125- 250th of a second at 2.8- 40 range depending on how the light changed and how fast their movements were. ISO of 400- 520 setting AWB or Fluorescent depending on where they were in the studio. One side is lit well by natural light coming from windows other side is lit mostly by overhead fluorescent lights.

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Robin said...

Your photos make me want to see the Balanchine program even more! I can't wait. Each image seems to have captured the breath of the dancer to the degree they appear to be moving. I have a friend who is both a ballet and race car aficianado - now I know why!