Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lexington High School's Tempest

Lexington, MA 050610 Drama students at Lexington High School "walk the grid" before opening night of Shakespeare's The Tempest on opening night on May 6, 2010. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/MET Behind the Scenes: Lexington High School's drama club opening night of Shakespeare's Tempest. Their version was modernized by using as as a backdrop the Haiti earthquake. These images are all from opening night. To me as a visual documentarian the story usually can be found off the stage and this is what I tried to explore. The moody images where made in what they call their "Black Room" which where they go to mentally prepare for the performance. TECH STUFF: Lenses: my bread and butter 70-200 and 24-70mm 2.8s. The ISO varied from 400 to 2,500 depending on the availability of light. Speeds varied from 1/125th of a second to 1/5th of a second. BTW the kids were amazing on stage!

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