Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Layering

BEHIND THE SCENES: These photos were taken during a variety of situations during the last month. The photo of the ice cream truck turned into a shake-delivery truck uses a reflection to add layers; the photos at the park which were a last-minute request (about 1 hour to get something for a weather page and then they didn't use them) were taken taking into account the repetition of shapes and the usage of negative and positive space. And then there is the basketball photo of a youth center which is scheduled to close due to lack of funds according to Boston City officials. The latter was composed with the main subject in the center of the composition while all the other elements within the frame lead the readers' eye to him. What these have in common is the layering of elements which makes them more visually appealing. The photo of the three people by a TV screen with the lady in the foreground was for a story on an interactive art installation in a street corner. The lady at the bottom of the frame simply walked into my composition and I didn't fight this but embraced it. There are points of entry leading you to action within the frame. As far as composition goes, the layering effect was also used while keeping the subjects with clean backgrounds as much as possible. Any photo can be turned into a more appealing situation if we take the time to compose cleanly and to add layers.

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