Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vigil for 17-year old Stabbing Victim

Mattapan, MA 060110 Mirveline Chambers(Cq) the mother of Ivol Brown (Cq), 17, who was stabbed to death a couple of days prior, and over 100 friends and relatives held a vigil at his home in Mattapan on June 1, 2010. (Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff)/ MET BEHIND THE SCENES: This assignment came in within the last hour of my shift. Once I arrived at the scene and realized I was the only member of the media present I knew I'd want to stay for a while regardless of how long it'd take. It was a very sad situation where there was grief and anger palpable in the air. However the mother made sure I was well taken care of and she allowed me to remain closed to her. This was one of those rare instances in which I as a journalist feel privileged to be taken in by my subjects despite the pain they are feeling. I was honored and humbled. TECH STUFF: ISO 10,000, aperture 2.8, speed 60th- 80th of a second. Lenses 80-200 and 24-70 both 2.8s.

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